Commercial Cabinetry & Furniture

Large Scale Commercial Work

At Dawson Cabinets we have experience with large-scale commercial jobs including cabinetry for apartments, condominiums and multi-family housing. If you need commercial cabinetry services in Dawson Creek or the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can provide an estimate, proposal or bid to fit your requirements.

Front Desks and Ergonomics

Deep Front Desk Reception Area Custom CabinetryLooking for something to really make your reception area stand out? We can design and build custom front desks with integrated cabinetry that will your employees will love working on, and your customers will love looking at.

Desks and office furniture see a lot of use, you and your employees will spend many hours working in these areas. For that reason, ergonomics is very important and at Dawson Cabinets we can ensure that the furniture is built to suit the task and even the worker, so you and your employees can maximize both productivity and comfort.

To see some more samples of our front desk and office work, have a look in our photo gallery.

Business Office Furniture

Create the perfect look for your business in Dawson Creek, BC, by turning to the professionals for quality business office furniture. You’ll need to have items that can take a little abuse and withstand regular use, but you’ll also want something that will look great. The ideal balance is available for you at Dawson Cabinets. We’re able to build custom furniture that meets your specifications, and we’ll provide you with reliable service.

Our professionals are committed to customer satisfaction, so they’ll offer courteous and prompt service. We’ll listen to our clients’ needs to ensure that they get the pieces that they want. We’ll take care of everything from the initial design to the installation and the removal of the old furniture. As our client, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Friendly and punctual staff
  • Professional and courteous treatment
  • Personal attention and customized options

Take your business in Greater Dawson Creek to a higher level by making an investment in your working environment. With quality business office furniture, you can make a great impression on your customers and keep your workers happy. Call the team at Dawson Cabinets today to schedule your initial appointment.